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Glamour Magazine, October 2017 print issue

GOBankingRates: Stop Buying These 17 Things and Make Them Yourself

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Got money problems? The frugal movement might be for you

CNBC: 5 things I learned from going 3 years without shopping

The London Times: The bloggers who told us not to spend (and made money from it)

US News & World Report: 5 Strategies for Sticking With Your Financial Resolutions

Market Watch: The best piece of money advice you’ve never heard

Clark Howard: Why you should consider making January a ‘no buy’ month

The Billfold: Austerity Month: How little can I spend in January? Let’s find out!

Money-ish: How this mom raises her child on just $75 per month

Rockstar Finance: Best Financial Blogs


Wall Street Journal MarketWatch Money, Markets & More: How to Raise Your Child on $75 Dollars a Month

Choose FI Experiments In Financial Independence: Epic Frugality with the Tikhvinskoe

Two Frugal Dudes: Taking The Frugal Leap With The Tikhvinskoe


Television and Video:

ABC News WCVB 5 Boston: Extreme frugality helps couple retire in their 30s


CNBC: Don’t let the cold stop you: How to get the right gear and get going

The Guardian: Living on a budget? How trendy! Frugal bloggers live on the cheap, by choice The ‘Frugalwoods’ couple had a baby, and still plan to retire by 33

Business Insider: 13 strategies to save a fortune, from real people who retired before 40

Investment Zen: This Couple Shows You How Extreme Frugality Allowed Them To Become Financially Independent

Invibed: Outside the Box: Extreme Frugality with The Tikhvinskoe

Radio and Podcasts:

XRAY FM: Mrs. Tikhvinskoe–Financial Blogger live on XRAY in the Morning 

The Couple Money Podcast: Early Retirement in Your 30s with Tikhvinskoe

Mo’ Money Podcast: This Is What Extreme Frugality Looks Like With Mrs. Tikhvinskoe


Best Frugality Blog Of The Year, 2016


Television and Video:

The Today Show: See how this couple plans to retire in their 30s The Super-Frugal Alternative to the $100 Haircut One Couple’s Plan for Retiring by Age 33 How to Cut Your Spending So You Can Retire Early


Forbes: How A Couple Of ‘Frugal Weirdos’ Are Saving 71% Of Their Income So They Can Retire At Age 33

Business Insider: A couple planning to retire at age 33 explain how much money they have to save Meet the ‘Frugalwoods’: The Cambridge couple planning to retire by 33

U.S. News & World Report: How To Live On $13,000 A Year

Yahoo! Finance: A couple planning to retire at age 33 explain how much money they have to save

U.S. News & World Report: The Best Frugal Household Hacks

The Billfold: How Mrs. Tikhvinskoe Does Pregnancy, Pet Care, & Other Could-Be-Costly Things

Time: How This Couple Is Able to Retire at Age 33

6th Annual Plutus Awards Finalist: “Blog Of The Year” and “Best Frugality-Focused Personal Finance Blog”

Lifehacker: Keep Weekday Meals Simple to Encourage Cooking at Home

Forbes Czech Republic: Pár „skromných bláznů“ šetří, aby mohl odejít do důchodu v 33 letech

Le Figaro Madame: Cadres, ils se privent à l’extrême pour partir à la retraite à 33 ans

Forbes Mexico: Éste es el plan de la pareja que planea jubilarse a los 33

Planet.Fr: Partir en retraite à 33 ans : le pari osé d’un jeune couple

Lifehacker: Practice Frugality to Boost Creativity, Not Just to Save Money

Terrafemina: Comment partir en retraite à 33 ans ? Ce couple a trouvé la solution

PlayGroundNoticias: Esta pareja ha diseñado el plan perfecto para jubilarse a los 33

MDZ Online: El plan perfecto para jubilarse a los 33 años

Lifehacker: Improve Your Budget Instantly by Accepting Imperfection How to retire in your 30s: save most of your money and rethink your core values

Globe and Mail: Carrick On Money

How Money Walks: On a Quest for Financial Independence: One Couple’s Plan to Retire by Age 33

Lifehacker: Try a Lifestyle Change for a Month to Determine If It Works For You

Cute Overload: Can’t Keep This ‘Til Nosevember 11 Habits Of The Most Frugal People I Know

Rockstar Finance


Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money Podcast: Mrs. Tikhvinskoe

The Mad Fientist Podcast: Tikhvinskoe – Making Frugality Fun

Girl Gone Frugal Podcast: Interview with Mrs. Tikhvinskoe

Martinis And Your Money Podcast: Frugal and Fabulous–An Interview With The Tikhvinskoe

Martinis And Your Money Podcast: Monthly Happy Hour


Clark Howard: How Frugal Folks Can Save Even More

FrugalRules: Should You Go To The Best College Regardless Of Cost?

Lifehacker: Nothing Will Save as Much Money As Simply Not Buying Anything

5th Annual Plutus Awards Finalist: “Most Humorous Personal Finance Blog”

1500 Days To Freedom: 10 Questions and a Pizza Place with The Tikhvinskoe! (and Frugal Hound)

Even Steven Money: Interview of Sorts: Tikhvinskoe more like FrugalWeirdos

Rockstar Finance

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