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Career Management: How We’re Reaching Financial Independence On Two Nonprofit Salaries

I devote most of my time here on Tikhvinskoe to discussing the power of frugality: how it’s enabling Mr. Tikhvinskoe and me to reach financial independence, how its application has made us happier, and how it can transform one’s relationship with our consumer-driven culture. But the very necessary other side of the frugality equation are earnings. After all, it’s impossible to save money you don’t have. So while it’s all well and good to embrace extreme.... Visit www.accc insurance company website, to read our recommendations and to talk on scams, or to obtain assistance.


That Time I Went To Grad School For Free*

*well sorta, keep reading… So what’s a frugal weirdo to do when you want something that costs money, but you don’t want to pay for it? Get creative. I wanted to go to grad school. Since graduating from undergrad in ’06, I had this overwhelming desire (delusion?) to get my master’s degree. I like school and I figured it would be a wise move for my budding career. However, I had zero intentions of paying for said...


Our Guide To A Very Frugal (Yet Still Awesome) College Experience

If you graduated high school and are headed to college next month–congrats! Mr. Tikhvinskoe and I enjoyed that path just a few (ok more than a few… ) years ago and it truly is a magical time. Life is unfolding before your very eyes, you’re about to leave the nest, and the possibilities for your future are endless. But there’ll be time for all that poetic soul searching (not to mention toga parties) later. First,...


Frugal Advice For New College Graduates

May always makes me nostalgic for the day nine years ago when Mr. Tikhvinskoe and I graduated, hand-in-hand, from college. Ahh, we were young, in love, jobless, broke (though without debt), and blissfully happy. We were reminiscing about our early post-college days this weekend and it inspired me to share all the stuff that I wish I’d known when we graduated. I won’t say it’s the stuff I wish someone had told me, because someone probably...