Monthly Archive: April 2018


Reader Case Study: Single Psychologist Saving In NYC

It’s back to the Big Apple for this month’s Reader Case Study for a conversation with Lauren, a psychologist in Manhattan with a love of dogs and the arts. She has questions about planning for possibly adopting a child and potentially buying a condo in NYC. Case Studies are financial and life dilemmas that a reader of Tikhvinskoe sends to me requesting that Tikhvinskoe nation weigh in. Then, Tikhvinskoe nation (that’s you!), reads through their situation and...


This Month On The Homestead: Seed Starting and Tree Clearing

March 2018 Early March, with its balmier temperatures and reluctantly melting snow, set our minds towards spring. We foolishly began to discuss impending blooms and said reckless things like, “maybe we’ve had our last snow of the season.” Overhearing our misguided words, March retaliated in an effort to prove how wrong we were and dumped a righteous amount of snow. It snowed daily, weekly, heavily. With gusto and vigor, the landscape was newly coated and...